Amaretti del Golfo: a concentrate of sweetness and unmistakable flavor to be defined as "Nectar of the Gods"

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the taste of Amaretti del Golfo!

A simple and ancient recipe for these pastry biscuits: they were born in Italy in the Middle Ages, and then spread in the Renaissance in Arab countries and throughout Europe. The term amaretto indicates a biscuit made with almond paste.

Obviously there are many variations, but we are sure that the typical Amaretto del Golfo (called the AMARETÉ), a recipe with top quality products and consolidated tradition, will win you over with its sweet taste.

At any time of the day, at work, at home or by the sea in Il Golfo dell'Isola, treat yourself to this delicious specialty, a culinary appointment for all lovers of sweets and more.

Where can you find them? We recommend you try the famous pastry shop Scalvini, in the Center of Noli, tradition and professionalism since 1890, producers of inimitable masterpieces.

Curiosity Amaretti del Golfo: Starting from the Scalve Valley in Schilpario, the Scalvini dynasty from Bergamo was led by Luigi.

He moved to Liguria and specialized in confectionery products such as amaretti with the nickname "Amaretè" with which Luigi Scalvini distinguished himself, according to the customs of the time.

A real delicacy for the palate!

In the photo: Scalvini pastry shop

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