Loggia della Repubblica: ancient place of justice at the Town Hall

During your walk in Noli, you will discover the Loggia della Repubblica (XNUMXth-XNUMXth century) which still preserves the ancient and wonderful cobblestones. It consists of two large brick arches resting on an octagonal column.
Did you know that this was the place where justice was once administered?

Try to raise your eyes almost towards the sky: you will be able to observe the iron ring used for torture!

On the side of the tower visible under the loggia, the door of the ancient prison opens, small but above all very secret! Will you be able to find it?

Furthermore, during your tour, you will be able to discover some interesting tombstones under the loggia: the first on the right recalls the strict laws that were in force in the Republic. In fact, it happened that in 1666 the Ancient Decrees of good governance were almost always disregarded and then the Magnificent Council approved a new decree, but this time in a marble stone.

Here is the motivation:

"So that in the future everyone will know what they should do and be careful not to contravene"

Other tombstones testify to the passage from Noli (or the birth) of illustrious men, such as Dante who mentions Noli in Purgatory:

"Vassi in San Leo and descended in Noli" (Purgatory IV, 25)

Do you think that Dante mentioned the Borgo di Noli to create a comparison with the mountain of Purgatory, steep as the sentieri that go up and down from the city center.

A custom of Noli? Every year the alleged passage of the Poet is recalled with the Dante's Walk.

Finally, another plaque commemorates Christopher Columbus who definitively abandoned the enchanting Liguria by setting sail from the Noli roadstead on May 31, 1476 with a flotilla of five ships bound for Flanders.

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