Museum of the Territory and Bees: discover the historic museum of Cav. Angelo Cappelletti to Vezzi Portio

There are about 50 thousand beekeepers who produce honey in Italy, the activity is carried out on the one hand for self-consumption and on the other for the reference market. A historic profession that has also established itself in Liguria with numerous excellences, synonymous with Made in Italy.

The great world of beekeepers uses the hives, essential for taking care of the bees: they are in fact structures specially created to raise bees and in which the colony of bees carries out all the operations necessary for its survival.

If you are passionate beekeepers or simply want to get closer to the magnificent world of bees, we recommend that you visit the Museum of the Territory and Bees!

Il Museum is located, since 2010, in theOratory of the hamlet of San Giorgio to Vezzi Portio.

The project was conceived and set up by Knight Angelo Cappelletti in Bregnano, in the province of Como, in 1950, one of the most famous protagonists of the world of beekeeping.

At the Abbey of Santa Maria di Finalpia, in the large hall inside the second cloister, you can already admire some admirable finds from the Museum and visit the beekeeping company that has been working for more than fifty years

Inside the Museum of the Territory and of the Bees they are kept as well two thousand exhibits from Italy and beyond: some of these finds are very ancient, such as stuffed bees, honey extractors, hives, tools, photographs, books and international magazines.

An example? A piece of propolis found in a thousand-year-old Peruvian tomb or some honey presses dating back to between the 600th and 800th centuries.

During the presentation of the project, prof. Mauro Pinzauti, of the University of Pisa pointed out that beekeeping is the testimony of a part of history of humanity industrious and industrious and also represents an important means of livelihood.

A real jewel, located in the territory of the Gulf of the Island, to be discovered and admired!

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