Traverso delle Meraviglie, a climbing route overlooking the Ligurian Sea.

The Gulf of the Island is a place full of magical places for climbing, but the Capo Noli traverse is undoubtedly one of the most exciting.

Here you can climb a cliff that drops sheer to the sea to immerse yourself in the waves of the Ligurian Sea. But before looking at this route in detail, it is worth spending a few words on the benefits that climbing can bring to our body.

The benefits that a climbing session can bring us are both physical and mental.

In fact, if it is true that on the one hand we develop strength, coordination and balance, it is also true that climbing is a natural stress reliever. In fact, one comes to rediscover contact with nature, in wonderful places, far from the daily routine. Furthermore, as a lot of concentration is required, one is led to remove problems and empty the mind.

The rocky wall of the Capo Noli traverse is located immediately below the Via Aurelia, which connects Noli to Varigotti. This could make you think of an environment disturbed by confusion and noise but it is not: once you get down to the base of the wall the world above disappears and you find yourself immersed in a world made of blue sea and light rocks.

During the climb you will be accompanied by a warm sea breeze and the background of the sea breaking on the rocks.

At Capo Noli you can climb in many different ways:

  • sport climbing on single pitches
  • multipitch climbing
  • deep water


Sport climbing

A climb overlooking the sea where the routes start just above the waves. An unforgettable experience. There are several walls, the most frequent feature is the access from above which involves a descent to reach the base of the routes.


Multipitch climbing

Path: The route can be covered in whole or in part, it is in fact possible to enter and exit almost any stop. The route sometimes climbs up to 20 m from the sea and in some cases goes down to a couple of meters from the waves.

difficulty: hardest passages are concentrated in the western section of the street. The maximum degree that is faced is 6th French scale but the steps are resettable. The average difficulty is 4 and 5.

La eastern section it is much easier (grade 4 or less) but always interesting and with much rarer protections.


Deep Water Climbing

Here you only need shoes and a bathing suit, no ropes and carabiners! Free path, when you don't hold on anymore you can dive!


So, did you want a good climb? We are waiting for you in Il Golfo dell'Isola!

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In the photo: Urban Climb asd. Savona

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