An undisputed stop to mark on the agenda when visiting the Gulf of the Island is undoubtedly the Popular nativity scene by Vezzi Portio.

The crib, as you well know, has very ancient origins: it is believed that the nativity scene was rebuilt for the first time in 1223 by St. Francis of Assisi, considered the "founder" of the crib. 

The idea had in fact come to the Saint during Christmas of the previous year in Bethlehem.

Curiosity: The word crib comes from the Latin praesaepe which means "manger"

Subsequently, the first nativity scene with all the characters dates back to 1283, by Arnolfo di Cambio, sculptor of eight wooden statuettes representing the nativity and the Magi. Since then the creations of the Nativity scenes spread in Tuscany, then in the Kingdom of Naples and throughout Italy.

Il Popular nativity scene by Vezzi Portio is a work that will undoubtedly enchant you with its beauty and care for every single detail. Nothing is left to chance, indeed you will discover an accurate and meticulous work, the result of passion, ingenuity and dedication.

It is made by Marco PastorinoIn partnership with parish of the Holy Sepulcher and Proloco vezzi portio.

The illustrious Marco has in fact taken care of all the components of the nativity scene down to the smallest detail, a landscape that perfectly resembles a real landscape.

In the crib there are countless objects made by hand with the technique of ceroplasty: a place without space or time, a corner of peace and spirituality.

Admire the enchanting art form of the Vezzi Portio Popular Nativity Scene.

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