The panoramic road of Capo Noli and the legend of the Lion

Today we are talking about the panoramic road of Capo Noli. The stretch of Aurelia that connects Noli and Varigotti is one of the most beautiful in Liguria. This road, carved into a cliff overlooking the sea, is full of fascinating views and is also linked to a legend that we will tell you shortly!

Inaugurated in 1839, the current Aurelia (Strada Statale N ° 1) has introduced a new connection to the coastal towns of the West. Before the inauguration of the Aurelia to reach Finale Ligure it was in fact necessary to pass through the plateau of the Manie.

The reason for such a late construction of a coastal link is mainly related to two reasons. The first is the obvious construction difficulties to overcome Capo Noli. The second was the presence for centuries of the Marquisate of Finale beyond Capo Noli: the fact of not having comfortable roads hindered, or at least slowed down, the enemy cavalry.

In the cover photo you can see a glimpse from the top of this stretch of Aurelia, visible from one of the panoramic points along the Path of the Pilgrim.

The legend of the Lion

If you notice, along the stretch of Aurelia di Capo Noli you will be able to see a rock that resembles a lion. Legend has it that in the XNUMXst century AD Leo, a sailor from the Maritime Republic of Noli, wanted to travel to Africa to see more closely the specimens whose name he himself bore.

Capo Noli and the legends of the lionAfter years of traveling he arrived in Africa, precisely in Morocco. Here he went in search of the lions and when he saw them he liked them so much that in the end he decided to take one away with him.

Back in Noli, the sailor locked up the Lion on the heights of Manie. In this way he could call friends and relatives to admire this fantastic specimen.

The lion, however, never stopped roaring for lack of his partner from whom he had been separated, who called him from the beaches of Morocco. One night the lion managed to escape from his cage by pushing himself towards the rocks of Capo Noli, but continuing to roar towards the sea.

Here a magician, annoyed by the constant moans of the Lion and his beloved, decided to turn the animal into stone. He remained like that, immortalized overlooking the sea looking towards his home.

It is said that even today, in the days of stormy wind, you can hear the roars of the lioness in search of her companion, from whom she has never received an answer.


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