The district of Bergeggi, Noli, Spotorno and Vezzi Portio presents itself on one of the major stages in Europe with the "Smiles of the Gulf" and a tourism capable of living all year round.

Around 20 thousand spectators over three days, 400 exhibitors from 60 different countries and a particular focus on Italy: the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition, open from 3 to 5 November 2023, confirms itself as one of the most important events linked to the world of tourism and incoming in Europe. A context where the Gulf of the Island thanks to a tourist network with important numbers: 90 hotels with a capacity of over 4000 beds it's about 70 bathing establishments that they managed to attract last year over 350 thousand tourists.

The Swiss and German public, which has always been one of the most interesting for Liguria, will be presented with a homogeneous territory, with a defined identity and the ability to attract tourists all year round, as demonstrated by the success of Golden Trail World Series 2023 played in October. In Lugano, however, the Gulf of the Island will also show its side food and wine tourism, with the presentation of a dessert created specifically for the occasion: i Island smiles. These are biscuits whose shape evokes the embrace of the Gulf, capable of fascinating with the aromas and flavors of autumn thanks to the use of cocoa in the dough and the spicing of cinnamon. Accompanying them is a selection of liqueurs which also recall the Gulf with hints of basil, sage and chinotto so intimately linked to the Ligurian Levant.

Gastronomic peculiarities that will accompany the audiovisual and paper material that tells the different aspects of the Gulf of the island, produced in triple language precisely to bring as much of the public together as possible. “Our territory - explain the mayors of Bergeggi, Noli, Spotorno and Vezzi Portio - is taking part in this event for the first time because today it can bring a series of important innovations to the public who already love us for the beauty of the sea and the quality of the water". Which? “Experiences suitable for everyone, athletes and families, breathtaking routes along the cliffs but also gentle walks on the first hill. And then again itineraries in the historic centers, views that have references in literature and painting, a food and wine section capable of satisfying all palates. Four municipalities that have a capacity to welcome and bring tourism to life at 360 degrees".

Above all today, these potentials are united in a tourist destination project that has few equals in Liguria and Italy and which allows the Gulf of the island to also intercept continuously expanding seasonal tourism.

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