Thanks to the new camera installed on the island of Bergeggi, it is possible to observe the 360° panorama, at any time of the year

The whole area of Gulf of the Island, from Capo Noli to Bergeggi, from the coast to the open sea, is a spectacle that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night, by connecting to the site isolabergeggi.panomax.com which collects the images transmitted by the camera Panomax360°, installed in December 2023. The webcam performs a double function: promotional and security. On the one hand, in fact, the videos are accessible to the entire web audience, therefore to those who already know this area and to those who, admiring its sunsets and sunrises, cannot help but fall in love with it. Furthermore, the platform connected to the webcam, in addition to simultaneous shooting, also offers other functions such as a collection of the most evocative images, timelapse, timeline, the map and a series of useful links for tourists. Furthermore, it is part of a broader project which also concerns the safety of the coasts and waters facing the island thanks to the connection with the Port Authority which will be able to use it for video surveillance functions.

The camera - a true panoramic webcam - was placed at the highest point of theBergeggi island, because it is considered central to the entire Gulf of the Island and is powered by a photovoltaic system located on the island, the same system that is currently also used to power the AMP's underwater webcam.

The view of the Gulf of the Island from above integrates, in fact, what has already been done for the seabed: here a underwater webcam – installed for the first time in 2016 – which represents one of the few examples of monitoring of this type in the Mediterranean. Located approximately 18 meters deep between zone A and zone B of the Marine Protected Area, it also fulfills a dual function in this case: on the one hand it allows enthusiasts to admire the fish fauna, present here in a greater way than elsewhere in the Mediterranean thanks to the presence of a nature reserve. On the other hand, it can have a role in the census and control of fish and the underwater environment: it allows remote observation of the fish species present and statistically evaluating their presence, thus fulfilling the function of visual census, as a recent thesis has also demonstrated degree dedicated precisely to the case of Bergeggi.

Finally, we must not forget the educational side: “Who connects with the underwater webcam - Explains Davide Virzi, president of the Bergeggi marine protected area – can observe in real time the richness of marine flora and fauna with a visibility that expands for a few meters on summer days and thus realize how the protected conditions of an area like ours create a true oasis of biodiversity all over interior of the Mediterranean. A perspective now also strengthened from above thanks to the panoramic webcam which combines the suggestion of the sea and its colors with an overall view of the towns and villages to be discovered by land".

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