The Dante walk is one of the countless paths that you can find in Il Golfo dell'Isola.

You go to San Leo and descend to Noli” Thus Dante in Canto IV, trio 25, of Purgatory greeted the City of Noli, underlining the harshness of the territory and the paths that he found himself walking on the promontory.

In 1306 Dante Alighieri was traveling to France. He saw, from the paths, the City of Noli, nestled among the hills, lapped by the sea and, at that time, a thriving Maritime Republic.

Referring precisely to Dante's passage through the territory of Noli, every year in spring "La Passeggiata Dantesca di Noli" is organized, in whose organization the institutions, associations, the Nolese Youth Council and the Environment Commission are involved.

The Passeggiata Dantesca is a non-competitive walk that takes citizens and tourists along the paths of the Nole hinterland, and then descends back into the ancient village.

On this occasion, numerous activities of the social and cultural fabric of the town collaborate in the various needs to trace and clean the paths, distribute refreshments at the various points of the journey, illustrate the territory and the monuments that are crossed and provide assistance

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