The success of the 2023 Golden Trail World Series opens new scenarios for seasonally adjusted tourism in the Bergeggi, Noli, Spotorno and Vezzi Portio areas

The presence of athletes from all over the world, very high attention from the specialized press and the involvement of the territory and its citizens have made the 2023 Golden Trail World Series an important springboard for transforming the Gulf of the Island area in a privileged destination for outdoor tourism at an international level.

The breathtaking 26 km route started from Corso Italia in Noli and was spread over four "petals” all converging in the packed Fan Zone in Piazzetta Chiappella, where the public ignited the challenge with their cheering. In the first "petal” the over 300 trail runners, including éelite and amateurs, reached Capo Noli running through the Mediterranean scrub, in the last, the assault on Monte Ursino, which from the beach and the medieval historic center of the ancient Maritime Republic rises up to the Castle of the same name. In addition to the overall winners, the American Sophia Laukli among women and Rémi Bonnet among men, taking the podium was an area capable of offering a unique combination of sea and mountain landscapes, art and culture. This was well underlined by the various live television broadcasts on Eurosport and on the 70 TV stations that followed the event as well as the many images that appeared in the national and international sports press.

The final of the Golden Trail World Series, supported by Salomon, with the organization of Golfo dell'Isola and TriO Events and the support of the Liguria Region and the Municipalities of Bergeggi, Noli, Spotorno and Vezzi Portio highlighted the capacity of the territory to create a system by arranging a functional welcome to better enjoy the competitions and learn about local peculiarities. Over the course of the week, in fact, around thirty accommodation facilities opened their doors to tourists and athletes, the transport system was strengthened with the two Circulars that connected all four locations and the number of car parks was expanded, thus increasing normal capacity. Various outdoor and food and wine events were organized with the Hike, support taste and formulas Golden Hike & Taste which allowed us to combine the possibility of experiencing the race route with the discovery of local foods and wines. Tour operators then took action, even if in a period normally considered out of season, to offer experiences ranging from kayaking to mountain biking to e-bikes.

The 2023 Golden Trail World Series was an opportunity to meet the world's number one in short trail racing, including two Italians, Alice Gaggi and Daniel Pattis, and above all to present to them and to the entire world of outdoor sports enthusiasts a system of trekking and MTB routes which has further strengthened in recent years. Today the offer includes educational itineraries suitable for the whole family such as the Bergeggi Botanical Route, treks that develop at altitude such as the one that leads to the summit of Mount Mao or paths that wind close to the cliffs such as the Pilgrim's Path. The world of sport in the Gulf of the Island, however, includes an entire galaxy of activities, ranging from MTB to paragliding to various water sports: windsurfing and kitesurfing, SUP (Stand Up Paddle) and kayaking but also sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. An offer, supported by the presence of around 4000 beds and around one hundred restaurants, pizzerias, farmhouses, put into operation during the Golden Trail World Series 2023 which also highlighted the success of a common tourist destination project with few equals in Liguria and in Italy: the Gulf of the Island. These results are especially important for the future, with the aim of strengthening seasonally adjusted tourism and intercepting ever-expanding autumn and spring tourism.

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